Daulco, Inc.
Check Valve Solutions for Industry
Thank you for taking a moment of your time to learn more about Daulco, Inc. We are a manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic check valves with deep experience in the Fluid Power/Fluid Transfer Industry.  The Daulco design team has over 35 years experience in providing high performance solutions in the check valve industry. Our expertise covers both domestic and international applications.

We are focused on retro-fit replacement valves used in the Gas Turbine Generator and Locomotive Industries. For many years your supplier options have been limited. Daulco, Inc. is offering you an alternative solution for valves that meet or exceed your requirements in form, fit, and function. Outline drawings are available upon request.  

We want you to contact us for a price quote. It will allow you to compare your cost savings with other suppliers.  Daulco’s prices are very competitive and much lower then our competition. We are able to accomplish this by maintaining a controlled overhead, but still offering exceptional quality. 100% testing with documentation is available.

You’re welcome to purchase directly from us, or contact us for a representative in your area.

Please contact us with your valve and valve repair kit requirements. 
We look forward to working with you.
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